Stress, Fatigue & Burn Out Workshop Kit

Does Stress Impact Your Clients?

Stress, Fatigue & Burn Out are all common reasons our clients seek our help. Most health conditions are made worse by too much stress and some are even a direct result of it.

Many people have no idea that they are stressed, let alone how this stress is impacting their health & wellbeing. They may just want “more energy” or “better sleep” or “balanced hormones”.

This workshop will teach them how it’s all linked back to stress as well as teach them what to do about it.

A Powerful, Client-Attracting Workshop

This Done For You Workshop Kit contains everything you need to deliver a powerful, client-getting Workshop. You will be able to educate your clients on why stress is a leading cause of illness and why YOU are the practitioner or coach to help them heal.

Here is an outline of the general themes, advice and content covered in the Stress, Fatigue & Burn Out Workshop Kit:

  • —What Stress is (the Stress Response, Fight or Flight, Adrenaline & Cortisol)
  • How to Know if You’re Close to Burn Out (common signs of HPA Dysfunction)
  • All the Ways Stress Impacts Our Mind & Body… we cover the common presentations of:
  • Blood Sugar Issues, Adrenal Fatigue / HPA Dysfunction, Thyroid, Hormones & Fertility, Weight Loss, Immune Function, Digestion (if you like, you can modify the presentation to focus more on just one of these areas / your Niche)
  • Eating for Energy – advice on how to eat to reduce stress and improve their energy levels
  • Natural Medicines for Energy & Calm – nutritional supplements, herbal formulas to help
  • Choose your end of workshop offer to grow your practice
  • Functional Testing for Stress & Energy
  • A Stress-Reducing Experiential Exercise of a Guided Meditation so audience members experience what it’s like to feel calm
  • A final Slide with your CALL TO ACTION or OFFER!


What’s Included

Editable Slides & Documents

Fully editable, professional and visually stunning Powerpoint Slides you can brand as your own, add to, tweak and modify! Research shows people love to have a visual cue and they retain more information when slides accompany a presentation (plus, with these slides, you don’t ever have to worry about remembering what to say!)

Interactive Exercises & Handouts

The kit includes instructions for two interactive exercises to engage and delight your audience. We’ve also included two of our top handouts to add value and encourage your attendees to book in to see you after the workshop. These documents are also fully editable so if you want to change anything, you can!

Promotional Materials

To help you get bums on seats, we have included 12 social media posts for you to promote your workshop, with beautiful images and suggestions for the text to go with each – it’s a full social media campaign calendar done for you! A poster template is also part of the kit – so you can promote the workshop within your practice, on community noticeboards and anywhere your ideal client might be lurking.

Rock Your Workshop Guide

To help you rock your workshop, included is a guide covering all you need to feel prepared and confident. Prop Checklist, Email Collection Form, Extra Marketing & Promotion Tips, Where to Hold your Workshop, Easy Catering Ideas and more. Plus there’s a training video where I take you through how I deliver my workshop, so that you can see the slides come to life.

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