Want Your Own Group Cleanse Program

Completely Done For You?!


Introducing the *Complete Group Cleanse Kit* for Health & Wellness Practitioners!

This amazing Kit includes everything you need to promote & run your very own Group Cleanse Program to Attract More Clients to your business, Increase Revenue and start working One to Many!


As a Clinical Nutritionist & Naturopath myself, I have been building my own practice for just over 10 years and very quickly realised that group programs, talks and workshops were a great way to help me grow my business. I’m fortunate to have a former background in Marketing & PR, so creating presentations, marketing materials and content is something I’m really good at. In early 2018, I started speaking more to other Health & Wellness Practitioners, and that’s when I realise what a huge source of stress, anxiety and utter fear promoting & creating workshops and programs is for so many. What I find easy, others struggle with.

This realisation gave me the idea for Workshops for Wellness.

My goal was very simple: to create the easiest, most hassle-free, gorgeous, professional, flawless, fully customisable Workshop Kits, that comes with step-by-step instructions and is ready-made with everything you need to promote and deliver an amazing experience for your attendees – all designed to help you Attract New Clients and Grow Your Practice!

And now, after receiving so many requests from my happy Workshop for Wellness customers, I’ve decided to launch Ready-Made Group Program kits – so that you can easily create your own signature Cleanse Program, tweaked and edited to Attract YOUR Ideal Clients into your practice!

I know, you can thank me later 😉


Things you WON'T have to do if you buy the Complete Cleanse Kit:


Worry about what to include in your program


Waste time trying to do it all yourself


Figure out recipes and meal plans


Pull your hair out trying to “connect all the dots”


Hire a designer to make your amateur design skills look swish


Scream at your computer out of frustration


Write recipes or meal plans cos they’re included


Agonise over how to promote & fill your program


Figure out how to fill your program cos there’s a cool bonus to help you do that!


Things you WILL have to do if you buy the Complete Cleanse Kit:


Follow the easy instructions on how to edit the content to fit your ideal client, copy and paste emails into your email provider (like Mailchimp or Aweber), promote your program to fill it, add the done-for-you posts into your private facebook group…


Deliver the Workshop that’s all there for you, ready to go, so that you can promote it, deliver it and then offer your Group Cleanse Program at the end


Bask in your own glory, cos you’re now a clever practitioner with a Group Cleanse Program you can roll out several times a year!!


A Complete Done For You Group Cleanse Program

Everything you need to deliver an amazing 2 Week Cleanse experience for your participants – Cleanse Guide eBook, Meal Plans, Recipes, Shopping Lists, Food & Mood Journal, Daily Written-For-You Emails, Posts for your private Facebook Group… all fully editable so you can make it your own! And you can easily change the length of the program if you prefer a 5 day or even 30 day program!

Pre-Designed Cleanse Guide

A guide to tell your participants exactly what to do on the program. Just tweak it to reflect your own voice and appeal to your ideal client, add your own photo and bio, your clinic details and hey, presto!

Meal Plans & Recipes

Nutritionist-approved Cleanse recipes full of delicious, wholefood ingredients. Gluten, Dairy, Soy Free and nothing processed. Vegetarian option also included.

Shopping List

A shopping list to match the meal plan to make your participants lives super easy.

Promotional Materials

Beautifully designed Social Media Posts with images and copy for you to promote your Program. Just plug in, schedule and sit back & relax! Plus an editable poster to use in your practice and community.

Emails All Done

Pre-written emails to send out daily to participants – plus instructions on how to set these up on autopilot with mailchimp!

Private Facebook Group

Inspirational images and content ideas for you to pop into your Program’s Private Facebook group during the cleanse.

Bonus Cleanse Smoothie eBook

Use this bonus eBook as a gift for your participants, or to grow your list before promoting the Group Cleanse Program.

Cleanse Manual

A Cleanse Manual for you, with full instructions on how to create an amazing experience for your cleanse participants. Includes tips on pricing, ways to deliver the program, tips on possible upgrades & VIP options and everything else I’ve learned from running this in my own business.

+ BONUS “The Power of a Cleanse” Workshop Kit valued at $197 to Help you Promote & Fill Your Program!!

Here’s that cool bonus I mentioned earlier… in true Workshops for Wellness style, you will also receive a completely amazing Done-For-You, Ready-To-Deliver workshop on the importance of detoxing and cleansing to help you promote your group program! The kit includes everything you need for your workshop: Powerpoint Slides (editable), Social Media Posts for promotion and a Rock Your Workshop Guide to ensure your success (and reduce your own stress levels!).

Grab your Complete Group Cleanse Program Kit today

with BONUS “The Power of a Cleanse Workshop” valued at $197

for only $597 $397*

This all sounds great, BUT…

Is Workshops for Wellness really as good as it sounds?





YEP! And if you want to know more and understand why, review the questions and answers below! Also, checkout some of the testimonials on the home page where you can see what other Health & Wellness Practitioners just like you have to say about our products!


When will I receive the Complete Cleanse Kit?

Shortly after you pay for your Complete Group Cleanse Kit, we will send you an email advising that your transaction has gone through. PRE-LAUNCH – As this is a Pre-Launch offer (where you are saving $200) the delivery of the kit will be via email on 18th December 2018. Then all you need to do is put your feet up while we do all the hard work!





How long will it take me to edit the materials?



This really depends on how much editing you want to do to the content. Most people will just tweak the title of the program (ie to suit their ideal client more) add in their name and logo, add in a few lines about themselves and why they love cleanses and then save the materials as their own. Others may like to add in even more original content – that’s the beautiful thing about our kits, they are yours to adapt however much or little you like! A very reasonable time frame of completion is 2-8 hours, for everything including the pre-written emails, assuming you are computer savvy and have used mailchimp before.

This is more than I can afford right now... is it worth the price?

Let me break this down for you… if you were to charge $197 for the 2 week cleanse and you had 4 clients sign up, then you have made back more than your investment. And then you can run this program again, and again, and again… and I know some practitioners who charge 4 times that!

Many practitioners add in extras to a program like this and charge even more. There is a pricing guide and upgrade suggestions included in the Kit – some ideas include adding in an Initial consultation and one follow up, some supplements, before and after testing services, freshly made juices delivered, online workshops…

Plus you have the bonus “The Power of a Cleanse Workshop” that you could even offer as a stand alone event, perhaps charging for.

So yes, I believe it’s well worth the investment! In fact, my business coach wants me to double the price.

Do I need to be tech savvy? What if I don't want to use a kom-poo-tah?

Included in the Kit are instructions on how to navigate the very basic technology that I suggest you use. It’s basically an email service provider like mailchimp and a private facebook group. That’s it. There are many other ways you could deliver a program like this, that we cover in the Cleanse Manual, such as via a member’s site on your website, via videos, live webinars or even (for the totally non-techy pracs out there) in person! It’s really entirely up to you.

What if I need help?

If you have any quick questions while you are working on your Program, you can always send us an email and we will endeavour to get back to you asap. If we can’t help, we know a LOT of awesome people who can, and we are happy to give you a referral for whatever support you need.

What format are the Cleanse Kit materials in?


The materials are a mix of Powerpoint presentations or Word documents, so that you can edit them and then save them as PDFs. In the case of the Pre-Written emails, these are all in a word document for you to copy and paste to your email service provider. All Social Media images are in the correct size, as PNG files and many have space for your own logo in case you want to upload them to Canva and edit them. Please note recipes & meal plans are not editable and they are delivered as a PDF booklet.


Can I add/remove/modify/customise any of the materials in the Kit?


You sure can! Everything (other than the meal plans, recipes and shooping list) is editable and you can tweak it to your heart’s content. With the meal plans, recipes and shopping lists, these are provided as PDFs from a company called That Clean Life.


Can I see examples of the content?


We are still finalising the materials for this Kit, busy pulling together all the programs Hayley has used in her own practice over the years into one awesome, super-duper, best of the best version for you. If you would like to see what our existing kits look like (so you can see that we know what we’re doing!) then head HERE and HERE and HERE.

Who will own my Cleanse Program & Workshop? Who has the copyright?

You are the owner of the Cleanse Program once you purchase it, and are free to make changes, add your own name and sell it to clients of your Health & Wellness Practice. What you are not permitted by law to do is on-sell it, gift it or share it with any other practitioner. This is for your own personal use in your own practice.

I want to offer this as an E-Course and/or Membership Area for my clients, can I do it?

YES! How you deliver the Cleanse Materials is totally up to you. I would suggest keeping it simple and low cost to start with, but then once you’ve done it a couple of times you can always make it super sharp with an e-course. You may want to niche it a bit more so that it’s easier to promote in the busy online space… but you’re free to do whatever you like.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Due to the nature of digital products like this, we are unable to offer a money-back guarantee or refund.

Won't my Cleanse Program just look just like everyone else's if I buy it from you?

The answer to this question is YES and NO…. YES – because the overall structure and content of your cleanse will be similar to programs by other people who purchase the Complete Cleanse Kit.

But really NO – because by the time you add in your own flair, or customise it to your own brand colours, change some of the copy, content and images, and sprinkle it with your own unique touch, most people will have no idea it is “the same” cleanse as someone else’s. And really, how many Cleanse programs is the same Client or Patient going to purchase?

To be honest, pretty much every Cleanse Program that’s out there is the same. We all harp on about the same things anyway, don’t you think? Good food, exercise, dry skin brushing, dandelion root tea… the difference with ANYTHING you do is the personal magic only you can add.

For more ideas on how to make your Cleanse or Workshop unique, check out my blog posts HERE and HERE.


Who is the Complete Group Cleanse Program good for?

Our products are perfect for all Health & Wellness Practitioners –

  • whether you’re a new grad keen to buy a program from a more experienced practitioner who has test-driven it for you already
  • whether you’re already in practice and looking for ways to promote your business
  • or you’re well established but wanting to stop trading your time for money and offer your knowledge one-to-many
  • or maybe you just want an extra income stream…


Grab Your Complete Group Cleanse Program Kit

with BONUS “The Power of a Cleanse” Workshop Kit for only $597 $397!


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