Sometimes, it can feel a little bit like cheating to purchase done-for-you content. I mean, shouldn’t we all create our own 100% original materials?

I don’t think so.

Isn’t it a smarter business decision to outsource certain areas so that you can be more efficient and focus your precious time on doing what you do best – taking care of your clients?

And the reality is that most of us practitioners, coaches and wellness peeps are so time poor, even if we wanted to create everything from scratch we never would find the spare hours to do it!

At the end of the day, your main job is to help your clients to feel better. So if investing in a headstart helps you get in front of more people, then I for one think that’s a great thing!

But what if my competitors also buy the workshop?

I am sometimes asked if it matters whether another practitioner in your area uses the same Workshop Kit. And I always answer that I don’t think it matters one little popsicle.

Here’s why…

  • Every single natural health and wellness practitioner, coach, instagram hero and blogger is pretty much saying the same things anyway – eat wholefoods, exercise, practice mindfullness, sleep well etc
  • And there are enough people to go around who all need our help with this
  • If we worried that we were going to be saying the same things, then we would never speak at all!
  • We will all add our own unique flavour to any done-for-you content, and as we are all different we are likely to attract very different clientele to our practices anyway

If you’re still not convinced that you can make the workshop your own, then check out my blog on ‘How to Tweak your Done for You Workshop Kit so it’s Perfect for Your Ideal Client’

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