Hosting workshops and talks is one of the best ways to bring a steady flow of new clients into your clinic.

As a health & wellness practitioner, you need to be perceived as an expert – and nothing says expert more than standing in front of an audience delivering a workshop!

But what if the thought of speaking absolutely terrifies you?!

Never fear! I am going to walk you through some of my top strategies for overcoming nerves so you can deliver an amazing workshop!

Getting over a Fear of Speaking in Public

While I actually LOVE speaking in public (yes, I know I’m not normal!) I still get nervous. And I also understand that most people get REALLY nervous and perhaps to the point where they avoid public speaking!

My high school friend used to literally throw up before any speech or performance… yet she still got up there and delivered a stellar performance… but I digress…

Remember – if you let your fear win, you’ll never reap the rewards that a great workshop or talk can bring to your practice. 

So here are my Top Tips:

1. Be prepared!

Even though I love speaking to groups of people, I would not do it if I wasn’t prepared!

I always practice delivering my workshop at least once – and years ago when I started out I would practice them 3 times! Practicing will make you feel more familiar with the material and you will develop a good flow.

2. Use Slides as a Prompter

Using slides like those made in powerpoint can also be a huge help. All the workshops I run have powerpoint slides – because they help me feel organised and I don’t have to worry about what to say next! Audiences tend to like slides too. You could use flash cards or notes – whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

3. Anticipate questions

Try to anticipate the questions your audience may ask. Think of the common questions you get in your practice – what are clients always asking? You could also brainstorm with a friend to see what they want to know about your topic. Then, prepare an outline for how you might answer each question.

4. It’s not about YOU!

Whenever I get nervous about delivering a workshop, or even about writing a blog post like this one, I try to remind myself that this is not about me. What I mean is that the reason I am doing this is to hopefully help someone else. What would happen if you didn’t deliver a workshop because of fear – and that meant that someone didn’t hear your message and wasn’t helped?

If you change your focus to who you can help, it takes the pressure off. As they say, come from the heart and you can’t fail!

5. Change your Mindset

Fear and Excitement are the same emotion – it’s the same hormonal cascade – the difference is just our interpretation. So before you start your workshop, tell yourself “I am feeling so excited!” instead of focusing on how scared you are!

And remember, there are SO many great reasons to get up there and deliver a good workshop, including:

  • Helping your audience overcome a challenge
  • Positioning you as the expert on this topic
  • Naturally helping you to sell your health programs or services


Go get em, tiger!

Hayley xx

If you found this blog post helpful, please let me know in the comments below! And if you would like more help with creating an amazing workshop that helps to grow your practice, make sure you check out my Done For You Workshop Kits!

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