If you’ve only ever run workshops and talks within your practice, then it might be worth venturing out into the community to host a workshop at another venue.

You’ll increase your exposure by reaching new people who may not have heard of you, and you will also increase your status as an expert with new referral partners.

The first time I spoke outside the safety of my own clinic I felt pretty nervous, to say the least! Suddenly I was putting myself out there in a much bigger way, and it brought up a lot of ‘stuff’ about ‘not being ready’, ‘not being good enough’, blah blah blah.

Luckily, I was able to push through that fear and the workshop was a great success!

(if you struggle with a Fear of Public Speaking, then check out my tips on overcoming stage fright here)

So here are my Top Tips for Booking Workshops Outside Your Clinic to Get More Clients:

1. Choose the Right Venue

Picking a venue that aligns with your ideal client makes total sense, right? It means that you’re more likely to be in front of people who want what you have, and who may become clients.

Some examples of the right venue could include:

  • Gyms and Health Clubs if you offer weight loss programs or do Body Composition scans
  • Yoga centres
  • Women’s Only Gyms and Fitness Groups to target women
  • Professional Women’s Networking Groups or Clubs
  • RSL Clubs
  • Golf Clubs (speaking to the men’s or the women’s member groups)
  • Workplaces for Stressed Out Corporates (or a cafe nearby for ‘Lunch & Learn’ workshops)
  • Birthing Centres or Mother’s Groups
  • Childcare Centres
  • A space for hire that’s easy for your local clients to get to
  • If you offer online workshops and webinars, then pick a time that is going to best suit your ideal client

2. Make Contact with the Venue & Pitch your Workshop

Ideally you make the initial contact in person, as I really believe this makes the best impression. You can then follow up with an email to start to confirm details.

Here’s what I write when contacting venues:

“Hey (first name),

It was so great to meet you today and chat about the possibility of me hosting my Kick Sugar Workshop at your awesome Gym.

As I mentioned, I am a Nutritionist, Naturopath & Women’s Health Coach and I help women lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way – so they have more energy to do the things they love.

I know we have a similar mission and I really think this could be something great!

My ideal days for the workshop would be a Tuesday evening or a Saturday… what were you thinking?

Warmest Regards,


3. The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

Everyone is super busy these days, so if you don’t hear back after a few days or a week, drop them a quick email just to see if you can lock in some dates.

4. Make Promotion EASY

I like to provide my venues with everything they need to help promote the event to their clients/employees/staff etc. I give them some printed posters or flyers and some social media posts. I also tag them in on all the posts I do – which helps extend my reach and also means they can then share the post on their own networks with one click. If you have one of our Ready Made Workshop Kits, you’ll already have ALL of these promotional materials DONE so that you can easily share them with the venue 😉

5. Book in the Next One

As soon as you’ve done the Workshop, contact the venue to thank them and ask if you can set a date for the next workshop. It’s often so much easier to have a few regular venues on the go than finding new ones all the time!


ACTION STEP: So, brainstorm now a list of the top local venues you would love to host a workshop at and then go contact them all!!

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