Detox Posts Bundle




30 eye-catching images on the theme of ‘Detox’ to use across your social media platforms, on your business pages, in groups or even within your online programs! If you would like to add your logo or social handle, simply upload to a graphic design site like Canva or even Wordswag. 

BONUS: Every Bundle comes with a page of topic-relevant written-for-you snippets that you can easily copy and paste to springboard your post copy. So now you don’t even need to think of what to write!

Here are some of the ‘copy snippets’ provided with this bundle to help you write engaging posts:

  • A Day Living The Detox Lifestyle… it’s much better to lead a healthy life with minimal toxin exposurethan to ‘do a detox’ once a year. Here’s how… Add your best tips here…
  • A super simple way to increase your veggie intake is to add a salad to every meal! Include a link to your favourite simple salad recipe
  • Detox Supplements– explain some of the supportive supplements that are effective to help the liver, gut, kidneys and skin to eliminate waste

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