Kick Sugar Workshop Kit


A complete done-for-you Workshop Kit including everything you need to run an amazing workshop! Kit include fully editable Powerpoint Slides, Handouts, Interactive Exercises, Social Media Posts, Rock Your Workshop Guide, Training Video and more!


Teach your audience all about:

  • What sugar does to our brain and body
  • How to Avoid Hidden Sugars
  • Why they Crave Sugar
  • How to get off the Sugar Rollercoaster
  • Two fun, interactive exercises that audiences love
  • Choose your end of workshop offer to grow your practice, make money and change lives!




What’s Covered in the Workshop?

I know that if I were to buy a Done For You Workshop, I would have questions about what is actually covered! So here is an outline of the general themes, advice and content covered in the Kick Sugar Workshop:

  • What Sugar Is & How it’s Processed (GMO, pesticides, very processed)
  • How to find Hidden Sugars – reading labels, hidden sugars, food marketing, examples of common ‘healthy’ foods & sugar content
  • What happens to your BODY when you feed it too much Sugar (we cover off all body systems affected, talk about research into the effects of sugar, insulin, weight gain etc)
  • What happens to your BRAIN when it’s on the sweet stuff (addiction, dopamine, blood sugar rollercoaster)
  • The (not so) Sweet Facts about Artificial Sweeteners & Are Healthy Sugars Better
  • What Cravings Really Are & Coaching Techniques to Shift them (audiences love this and you can see their faces light up – not many practitioners teach this!)
  • Practical ways to Kick Sugar (7 Steps, and Bonus Step 8, to help them reduce sugar)
  • How You can Help (a slide that shows all the underlying drivers of sugar cravings like SIBO, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances so they see how YOU can help identify and correct these things)
  • A final interactive exercise to end on a fun note – and then your slides with your CALL TO ACTION or OFFER!

Please note that this is NOT an anti-carb theme… the slides explain that we are looking to reduce all those hidden sugars and choose quality sources for our glucose needs (like vegetables, fruits, slow carbs) You can tweak this to whatever you like as far as Keto, no grains etc depending on your audience and clinic.

What’s Included in the Workshop Kit?

Powerpoint Slides – complete, professional and visually stunning powerpoint slides, with presenters notes, so you know exactly what to cover in your workshop and it flows beautifully. Research shows people love to have a visual cue and they retain more information when slides accompany a presentation (plus, with slides, you don’t ever have to worry about remembering what to say!)

Instructions for Two Interactive Exercises  – so that your audience is engaged and delighted!

Workshop Handouts – The 2 workshop handouts I use to add value and encourage my participants to book in to see me!

Social Media Posts -12 social media posts for you to promote your workshop, with beautiful images and suggestions for the text to go with it.

Promotional Poster – a poster for you to use in your reception area, on community noticeboards and anywhere your ideal client might be lurking.

Tips & Tricks to Rock Your Workshop – a selection of documents to help you feel super confident and prepared for your workshop – even if it’s the first one you’ve ever done! Prop Checklist, Email Collection Form, Presenting Tips, Extra Marketing & Promotion Tips, Tips on Where to Hold your Workshop, Easy Catering Ideas, Fun Ideas to Create a Truly Memorable Workshop and more…

BONUS!! Recorded Training on How to Best Deliver the Workshop – I’ll take you through how I deliver my workshop, so that you can see the slides come to life and work out how you want to add your own flavour.

** Brand As Your Own! **

All documents are provided to you in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint so you can brand them, edit, personalise and tweak as much or as little as you like. All delivered in a private Dropbox Folder – easy peasy lemon squeazy!

Imagine having your powerpoint slides done, your first social media post up and a poster in reception advertising your workshop in just a few hours?!

Want a Sneak Peak at the Workshop Content?

Watch the below video!

Your Investment?

I want to make this an easy decision, so I’ve priced this at a very affordable amount of $197 AUD

Here are two scenarios to help you see how quickly you make back your investment:

Scenario 1 – You Charge for the Workshop: 

Imagine if you sell tickets to your workshop for just $20 and you get 10 people show up (I easily get more than this amount every time I run this). There’s your investment back in just 1 workshop (let alone the money you earn from any clients you sign). And I suggest you run this at least 4-6 times a year as your ‘signature workshop’ (that’s what I do!)

Scenario 2 – You Offer the Workshop for Free:

If you would prefer to offer this for free, as a value-add service in your practice, then all you need is one new client and you’ve paid off your investment (assuming that client comes for an initial and a follow up and your fees are around average). Imagine if you offered a program at the end of this workshop!?

Stay Tuned…

As I create new Workshops and Talks for my clinic, I’ll road test them first and then I’ll package them up for you to have! Future topics are The Detox Lifestyle, Healthy Weight Loss & Ageing Gracefully.

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