About the Workshop Kits

You’ve likely heard that Workshops & Talks are among the BEST ways to Grow Your Practice. They position you as the expert, they develop rapport, create community and that coveted ‘know, like, trust factor’!

But where on earth do you even START when putting together your workshop or talk? Creating slides, handouts, promotional materials – that all takes up a lot of time – something most practitioners don’t have – time where you could be seeing clients and generating income!

Tell me, is this you?

  • You don’t have the time to create content for a workshop
  • You feel overwhelmed with where to even start – the topic, the content, the structure??
  • You’re not Powerpoint savvy and worry your slides will look like a cat’s breakfast
  • You get nervous presenting and need a solid plan to help you feel at ease
  • You see other practitioners hosting events like this and you’re secretly jealous!
  • You wish you had someone to walk you through the process and just hand you a workshop
  • You want the FAST option, and want to invest a little money to save you a lot of time!

The simplest, fastest way to an amazing workshop!

Clever practitioners know there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Everything in our Workshop Kits is what I HAVE PERSONALLY USED in my own practices, all tested, tweaked and improved so what YOU get is a polished, proven and effective workshop!

In a matter of hours, you will have your slides branded and tweaked to your liking, your promotional posters printed and your scheduled posts all set on your social media pages. Workshop Ready to Go!

Everything You Need

Here’s What You will Receive in every ‘Done For You Workshop Kit’:

  • Powerpoint Slides – complete, professional and visually stunning powerpoint slides, with presenters notes, so you know exactly what to cover in your workshop and it flows beautifully.
  • Instructions for Interactive Exercises  – so that your audience is engaged and delighted!
  • Workshop Handouts – The 2 workshop handouts I use to add value and encourage my participants to book in to see me!
  • Social Media Posts – 12 social media posts for you to promote your workshop, with beautiful images and suggestions for the text to go with each one – pretty much your social media promotional calendar done!
  • Promotional Poster – a poster or flyer for you to use in your reception area, on community noticeboards and anywhere your ideal client might be lurking.
  • Tips & Tricks to Rock Your Workshop – an eBook guide called ‘Rock Your Workshop’ to help you feel super confident and prepared for your workshop.
  • BONUS!! Recorded Training on How to Best Deliver the Workshop – I’ll take you through how I deliver my workshop, so that you can see the slides come to life and work out how you want to add your own flavour.

** Brand As Your Own! ** All documents are provided to you in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint so you can brand them, edit, personalise and tweak as much or as little as you like.

Kick Sugar Workshop Kit

One of the most important nutrition topics is Kicking Sugar! As you know, a diet high in refined sugar has implications for all sorts of health issues.

Thie done-for-you workshop kit is our most popular and contains everything you need to run a successful workshop or webinar.

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Stress & Adrenals Workshop Kit

Stress, fatigue & burn out are all too common in our clients and often impact their health much more than they realise.

This done-for-you workshop kit includes everything you need to run a successful workshop, educating and inspiring your audience towards a less stressful life.

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Winter Wellness Workshop Kit

Our Winter Wellness Workshop Kit is perfect for a seasonal workshop or webinar to educate clients on how to stay well, naturally, through the colder months.

The Kit includes powerpoint slides and promotional materials ready for you to brand as your own.

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