Do you know the number one biggest mistake most practitioners and health coaches make when it comes to giving talks and workshops?

You might think it’s something like:

  • A lack of confidence when delivering the talk
  • Not being an engaging enough speaker
  • Not promoting it well so that no one shows up
  • Not having a compelling offer that gets you clients from the workshop


While all of these things are certainly important, they aren’t the biggest mistake.

“So what’s the biggest mistake, then?!” you may be yelling at your screen right now!

Don’t fret, I am about to tell you exactly what this mistake that I see health pracs and coaches making time and time again is…

The Biggest Mistake is: overwhelming your audience with way too much information!

I totally get it. It’s easy to think we have to ‘prove ourselves’ and show that we know EVERYTHING there is to know and therefore we’re the expert and the audience should trust us.

The issue with trying to cover everything in the one workshop is that the audience leaves feeling overwhelmed and confused.

We are in an age of ‘information-overload’ and the LAST thing your potential clients want is more information!

The reason I use workshops to promote my practice is they offer a way of showing the audience that I can guide them away from their problem and towards a solution.

A good workshop – an effective, client-generating workshop – will excite and inspire your audience and give them just enough information so they can see you know your stuff, but not too much to feel overwhelmed.

Think of yourself as the ‘curator’ where you select the key pieces to demonstrate that YOU are the person to help them with their health problem.

You need to show them that you have a step-by-step approach to solving their problem that will help them feel confident (and NOT confused!)

All of the Workshop Kits available in Workshops for Wellness are designed to provide the right amount of value – while still leaving your audience wanting more! You’ll see that they tend to have 3-5 main teaching points and always finish with a way for clients to work with you more.

That way, they are more likely to become clients and then you can really get to work transforming their health!

And, your practice fills with inspired, ideal clients all excited to work with you!

Job done!

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