One of the best things about done-for-you content like our Workshop Kits is that you can edit and tweak them to your heart’s content!

There are so many ways you can put your own stamp on the workshop, and in doing so make it more relevant to your ideal client.

Here are some examples of how you could re-name your workshop, so that it can be marketed to your niche. Let’s use the Kick Sugar Workshop Kit as an example…

Tweak Your Workshop Title Suggestions:

  • How to Kick Sugar for Balanced Hormones
  • Kick Sugar and Naturally Lose Weight
  • Creating Sugar-Free Kids – Come Learn How to Kick Sugar in Your House
  • Balancing Blood Sugar for Healthy Ageing
  • Balanced Blood Sugar for a Balanced Mood
  • Kick Sugar for More Energy
  • Kick Sugar and Boost Your Immunity

The list is endless!

I suggest you then go through the slides in your Workshop Kit and edit them slightly so that they relate more to your particular niche. You might change some of the images, or the wording, or maybe add in some more slides that are relevant.

The beautiful thing is, you can also use the Workshop Kit to create several different versions and then promote them to different audiences, or at different venues!

How’s that for an investment that just keeps on making you money!?

If you have a question, or another great niche for any of the workshop kits, I’d love to hear it. Please comment below 🙂


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